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5 Custom Home Building Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

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Everyone loves life hacks–did you know there are a bunch that could help you build a more efficient custom home?


Everyone loves life hacks–did you know there are a bunch that could help you build a more efficient custom home?  So many of these options are greener, more luxurious and more efficient than you might think.  They’re definitely worth the investment and, if you haven’t heard of any of them, that means you’re getting a new perspective on the ways of building.  Hopefully, one of these hacks will help you in your design process!

  1. Steam showers


No only are these fun to play with, but they’re also super environmentally friendly.  Adding a steam shower can seriously cut down on your water costs, while still keeping you clean.  A sparkling environment is always something to strive for, especially when you can help out by doing an everyday task.


  1. USB wall chargers


Now that pretty much all cell phones are charged using a USB port, a wall charger with this built in eliminates the need for extra adapters.  An easy charge, anywhere in your house!  Plus, your international friends will love it when they don’t need an adapter to feed their phone’s battery.


  1. Floor drains


Adding one of these to your laundry room can be a lifesaver.  You won’t need to worry about your washer drainage system overflowing.  Keep your mind at ease by keeping your floor dry.


  1. Door levers


Hands full?  Trouble opening doors when you’ve just applied lotion?  A door lever is the perfect solution.  Instead of fumbling with a door knob, which can be particularly painful for those with arthritis, simply push a door lever to get a door open.  These come in many different varieties, so you don’t need to sacrifice aesthetics for functionality.


  1. Indoor gardens


These can be improved upon when you include plumbing, so tiny water streams can be incorporated into your home.  Plants add plenty of oxygen, making your air cleaner.  They’re pretty, but also super useful.


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