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Decorate Your Brand New Home for Halloween


Halloween is an interesting holiday with many different aspects–will you go the spooky route, the terrifying route, or the fun route? Here are a few decoration ideas for you.

First holidays in new homes are especially exciting!  It’s always a hurdle, though, to decide how to decorate.  With a new landscape, you may be wondering about the best ways to make your home look festive.  Halloween is an interesting holiday with many different aspects–will you go the spooky route, the terrifying route, or the fun route?  Here are a few decoration ideas for you, so your new home can be properly decorated for Halloween night!

Ghostly Figures

If you’ve got a white dress, you’ve got an easy way to decorate.  You can place the dress around some sculpted chicken wire and just keep it there by itself, or wrap some LED string lights on the inside to give it a ghoulish glow.  Either way, this DIY decoration is cheap and sure to impress trick-or-treaters.

Tattered Drapes

Adding a more damaged, worn look to your porch will make it all the more fun to approach.  A cool way to do this is to take some old cheese cloth and tatter the ends, while ripping a few holes in the rest of the fabric.  You can hang this just about anywhere.  Light it up from the bottom with one of your outdoor lights and add a spooky ambiance.


It’s relatively easy and cheap to create your very own graveyard!  Any art store will have slabs of floral foam that make great gravestones when carved.  Use an unsharpened pencil to make indents and designs in the “stone”, and insert some wooden dowels at the bottom.  Shove the dowels into your garden or lawn, and you’ve got an instant grave!  For some added flare, pile up some dirt so it looks like the grave has just been dug up.  Or, add some fake amputated limbs (purchased from a Halloween store) to make it appear as though a zombie is crawling out!

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