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How to Avoid Common Regrets When Building Your Kitchen

Is your kitchen up to your standards?  Building regrets are your worst enemy.

Is your kitchen up to your standards? Building regrets are your worst enemy.

Everything may seem perfect when you tell us how you want to design your home.  Realistically, it probably works; after all, we’re not going to build you a kitchen you aren’t satisfied with!  But needs differ from person to person.  It’s possible that, after living in your home for a few months, you’ll think about what you would have done differently.  To avoid that, read on.

Think About Size


It might be tempting to make your kitchen far larger than it needs to be.  You’ll need to discuss with us, and whoever you may be living with, what you’re expecting when it comes to the use of your kitchen.  Are you spending a lot of time there?  Does it double as a dining area?  How many people are going to be in the kitchen at any given time?  These are all questions you should be contemplating the answers to.


Appliance Location


Do you really want your dishwasher across the room from the sink?  What about a stove right next to the fridge?  Always consider how you, personally, move within your kitchen.  You can never have enough storage space, but there is such a thing as too much countertop.  How many sinks do you want?  Everything about where your appliances are placed is going to determine whether or not you have building regrets.


Lighting Woes


It’s hard to decide on lighting, because you can’t actually see it in action until it’s already installed.  But it’s possible to plan this out perfectly.  You’ll want a lot of light in the kitchen, so plenty of windows are needed.  And don’t be shy about your accent lighting, which can do a lot for dark cabinets and work spaces.




You may want hardwood now, but consider trends in design and decide on what kind of floor you think is sustainable.  Regretting your floor is one of the worst kitchen mistakes; it’s hard to replace, and a pain to deal with.  Take your time with this decision, and don’t rush your choice.


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