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Why is Buying So Much Better Than Renting?

buy vs rent

Here at Thomas Builders, we firmly believe that buying a new home is always preferable to renting.

Here at Thomas Builders, we firmly believe that buying a new home is always preferable to renting.  There are, of course, a few advantages to renting, especially for younger crowds who are just starting out. But if you’re looking for a great investment that will save you time, money and energy, you should always consider buying your next residence.  If you’re curious about the differences and are thinking about buying, read on to find out why we so heavily suggest it.



It is so much cheaper in the long run to buy your home.  If your rent is $1,300, a common renting price among most Maryland homes, you will be losing up to almost $50,000 in the next three years.  And if you’re a committed renter for the next 30 years, you could be losing up to one million dollars or more.  With price disparities like these, why would you ever consider anything other than buying?




There are, of course, rentable homes and townhomes that have varied floorplans.  But there’s no doubt about it–when you buy a home, you have full control over how you’re using each room.  This is especially true when you rent a furnished home.  Usually, you aren’t allowed to move furniture to use rooms to your best needs.  When you buy, you have so many more options!




As a homeowner, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of different materials and surfaces.  You won’t have to check with anyone before you replace your cabinets, flooring or walls.  And when you sell, there won’t be any need to change anything back for the next customers.  You’ll have total control over how your home looks and feels.


Better, energy efficient appliances


Many rented homes come with preinstalled appliances, like refrigerators or dishwashers.  These hard to remove and hard to replace appliances can often be old and may be wasting a lot of energy.  Some provided washers use way more water than they should be, which means more money out of your wallet.  When you own, each appliance is up to your standards, and your choice is greater.


Do you want to buy a new, perfect home?  Thomas Builders has the right one for you.


At Thomas Builders, we offer the best homes at the best prices.  When you buy with us you can be sure that you’ll receive quality work, and a forever home that suits every single one of your needs.  Thomas Builders is your home builder in St. Mary’s and Calvert Counties in Maryland. With 25 years of experience in new home construction in the area, we’re committed to building you a new home that is of the highest quality while maintaining an affordable price. Our service is unique in that we offer 10 models that are already designed and ready to build. All you have to do is find the model that best fits your needs and let us do the rest! From townhouses to one and two-story homes, we have homes of all sizes that will work for you, your family, and any new homeowner.

Call now at 301-863-5550 now to find yourself the perfect Maryland home.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest!

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