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3 Energy Saving Tips To Follow This Fall

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Learn how to improve the energy efficiency of your home this fall.

We are entering fall, which means it will be getting cooler and cooler outside.  Many homeowners rely heavily on their heating system during the autumn months.  However, you need to make sure you are not wasting energy that would cause your utility bills to skyrocket this fall.  This will require inspecting your home and completing easy maintenance tasks.  Luckily, there are a few simple energy saving tips you can follow this season.

Care For Your Heating System

One of the most effective ways to save energy this fall is to have a full-service inspection of HVAC system.  A heating professional will inform you if any parts need to be replaced or if your current feature is outdated.  If you have a furnace or heating pump, it is best if you clean out and change the filter every month. Since you will be relying on your home’s heat more in the fall, you want to ensure your system is working properly.

Focus On Your Windows

When it comes to improving the energy efficiency of your windows this fall, you want to focus on your windows.  You want to prevent heat from escaping through your windows during the fall and winter months, so you want to fight draft.  Look around your windows and check for any leaks or gaps. You can fill any leaks with caulking or weather stripping. Installing a heavy-duty plastic sheet to your window frames is an effective way to reduce heat loss.  Window coverings or drapes are features to invest in that prevent drafts.

Rely On The Sun

During the fall, you want to rely on the heat from the sun as much as possible.  Make sure to open the curtains on your south-facing windows during the day to allow sunlight to naturally heat your home.  By relying less and less on your HVAC system, your utility bills will lower. You want to close your curtains at night to reduce the chill from potential drafts.

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