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3 Basement Design Trends

Basement Design Trends

Basement design can vary widely depending on how you want to use it. Check out these trends for inspiration!

The basement is a space in your home that provides versatility and almost endless possibilities. Many people use it for storage, but others turn it into additional square footage for entertaining family and friends. Basement design can be a fun project that allows you to express your personal style while creating a space that meets all your needs. Check out these three basement design trends for some inspiration that’s both popular and practical.

Personal Movie Theater

For homeowners that enjoy watching movies with family and friends, it can get uncomfortable trying to find a way to fit everyone into the living room with enough space to relax and see the screen. That’s why it has become a popular trend to turn the basement into your own personal movie theater. This is a great option for true cinema enthusiasts with reclining seats, a projection screen, and surround sound. You can think of this space in a traditional movie theater sense with LED lighting for the floor, a popcorn machine, and seats lined up in rows, or you can take a more casual approach with a feel that resembles a traditional living room, but with more seating options.

In-Law Suite

Turn the basement into a comfortable and private space for your in-laws and other family members or guests when they come to visit your home. This is especially helpful for those in-laws that come visit multiple times throughout the year and stay for extended periods. This basement design trend is so popular because of the way it expands the amount of useful living space in your home. The in-law suite often includes a bedroom and bathroom, but for bigger basements, you could also include a full living room and even a small kitchenette.

Home Gym

Set up the perfect home gym so you can meet all your personal fitness goals in the privacy of your own home. When you go to the gym, you never know when it’s going to be busy and how long you’ll have to wait to use your preferred equipment. At home, you can fill your basement gym with your favorite equipment and never have to wait in line or look for space in the crowd.   

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