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3 Easy Home Maintenance Tips for Fall

Practice these maintenance tips this coming fall.

Fall is right around the corner which means you have to prepare your home for the freezing months of winter.  Performing maintenance tasks from cleaning gutters to doing yard work are not the most exciting ways to spend your time, but they will keep your home in pristine condition.  The fall season is all about preventative maintenance, so the key is to make sure what is working in your home stays that way.  There are several tips you should follow to maintain your home from the inside and out all year long.  

Clean Gutters

Although it may not be every homeowner’s favorite task, gutter cleaning is essential to prevent water damage and pest infestation.  Clean your gutters to get rid of leaves and other debris that can accumulate during the fall and rainy seasons.  Clogged gutters can cause water to overflow and spill on the sides of your home resulting in water damage.  Make sure that all brackets are secure and your gutter can withstand the upcoming snow of winter.

Inspect and Caulk Your Windows

One of the most cost effective maintenance tasks you can perform all starts with your windows.  First, replace all of your screen window coverings with storm window covering.  Make sure to inspect all of your windows for any loose or damaged frames.  It is vital to caulk and seal around all of your window and door frames to prevent heat escaping during the winter.  This process will also decrease your energy bill.  

Yard Work is Key

It is best to prepare your yard and landscaping features for winter, so they are not ruined when spring comes around.  You should fertilize and reseed your grass during the fall months because the roots underneath grass grow deeper to prepare for winter.  Utilize a ladder and trim any trees that are close to any power lines are your roof to prevent any damage to your home in the winter.  You don’t want a snow storm causing a tree branch to fall through your roof.

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