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3 Garage Maintenance Tips

Learn how to care for your garage throughout the year.

Home maintenance is all about keeping up with a routine so that none of your responsibilities get away from you. From internal cleaning to exterior yard work, there’s much that will keep you busy as a homeowner. One place that’s easy to neglect or simply used for storage is the garage. Although it’s not really part of the interior space of your home, it does require its own set of chores. Check out these garage maintenance tips to get ahead of the game.

Check the Door

Start by inspecting the condition of your garage door. Is it running smoothly? Is the remote properly connected? Does it make a weird noise as it opens and closes? Although most new garage doors are self-lubricating, you can still do your part by removing any dust, grime, cobwebs, and even dead bugs that you see on the edges. You should also keep an eye on the rubber seal at the bottom, which helps keep the elements out of your garage.    

Clean the Floor

The spring or summer are great times of year to clean the floor of your garage. Open the door and give it a good hose down. This will help reduce slips from oils and help keep stains at bay. In addition, if you see any hairline cracks in the concrete, that’s usually nothing to be worried about. However, if it’s gotten to the point where you see some crumbling, and it’s becoming a tripping hazard, you should definitely have that repaired.  

Lookout for Pests

Of all the spaces in your home, you probably see spiders and other pests the most in your garage. Other insects like termites and ants may also find their way into your garage. It’s necessary that you keep an eye out for these as they can cause major damage. Specifically, remember to check the dark, cool places for moisture. Also, check the seams where the walls meet the foundation. If you see any chewed up wood or other similar damage, you should call pest control immediately so that they can diagnose the problem and catch it before it becomes a bigger issue.

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