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4 Easy DIY Home Maintenance Tips

home maintenance

In today’s world, we all want the action of taking care of our homes to be as simple as possible.

Being a homeowner can be stressful.  Something could go wrong at any time, if you’re not completely on your toes.  And even if you are constantly diligent, there’s still a chance that your home may fall behind on maintenance.  In today’s world, we all want the action of taking care of our homes to be as simple as possible.  Here are five do-it-yourself tips that will keep your home running smoothly.

  1. Check and clean your gutters.


Gutter guards are the wrong choice when it comes to protecting your siding and roof from water damage.  They still allow debris to enter your gutters and clog them, and they’re nearly impossible to remove for cleaning purposes.  Instead, keep your gutters uncovered and clean them once a year.  This is a much more efficient way of keeping water away from your siding and walls.  


  1. Your plumbing needs attention.


We use our plumbing system every day, heavily, coming from multiple rooms of the house.  Remember that oil clogs, so never pour it down the sink.  Make sure you invest in a hair drainer for your shower, to prevent those nasty clogs that leave you showering in a puddle.  Also, you should be using a drain snake to reach into your drains.  Drano can hurt your plumbing with its acids.


  1. Fix leaking toilets.


If you put a few drops of blue food coloring in the tank of your toilet, and about an hour later you see that your toilet boil water has a blue tinge to it, you have a leak that can get very costly.  You’re going to need a new flapper if this is the case–you can purchase one from the hardware store and follow the instructions on the package to install it.


  1. Keep your water heater in top shape.


A broken water heater is never fun–when it stops working, we finally realize that we take it for granted.  Every year, you should be draining your heater and cleaning the bottom so sediments won’t damage the material.  There should be instructions on the heater itself for how you should be caring for it.  Don’t neglect this step, unless you like cold showers!


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