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Bedroom Design Trends

If you are designing your bedroom, check out a few of these current trends.

Do you have a bedroom makeover in your future? Check out the current trends in bedroom design to find some inspiration for your project. Whether your style is classy and neat or raw and natural, you’ll find a design trend that checks your boxes. If all else fails, you can blend your favorite elements from a few and create your own new trend.  

Modern Farmhouse

This hybrid style is what happens when you mix elements of classic country with contemporary finishes. Blend the look and colors of distressed wood with the sleek boldness of industrial accessories, clean lines, and metal components.  


Although rustic can take on many different meanings to different people, most find common ground in the use of neutral tones and natural textures. Bring in some stone, wood, and even faux fur. You can bring your rustic bedroom together with casual bedding.

Midcentury Modern

Bring the glamour of 1950s design trends into the current decade. Choose furniture that features low heights and long, thin lines. Introduce some geometric patterns, pops of bright color, and molded plastic pieces to complete the look.


Strip away the boldness of color and get rid of any formal elements and you’ll have the Scandinavian look. It’s defined by its casual, simple, clean, and laid-back vibe. You’ll also notice an absence of color in Scandinavian bedrooms with a big emphasis on blending white and gray. People often add fleece blankets and even plants to bring in some warmth and texture.


Industrial is exactly what it sounds like. Exposed beams, metals, raw materials, and unrefined accessories will help you create an industrial bedroom design. Instead of covering it up, it embraces the architecture of the space by using your water pipes, vents, and brick elements as part of the décor.     

Hollywood Regency

If your personal style of on the more flamboyant side of life, then you’ll probably like the glitz and opulence of Hollywood Regency. Replace your lighting fixture with a chandelier and use luxurious fabrics like silk, velvet, and suede. Think about cushion, softness, and anything that will make you feel plush and expensive.

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