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Current Trends in Basement Design

Renovate your basement by following some of these design trends.

Whether you are building your basement from scratch or remodeling, you want it to serve all of your family’s needs.  There are so many options on how to design your basement, that it can overwhelm you easily.  From a simple family lounge area to a home gym, there are several ways to customize your basement to please everyone in your family.  Trends in basement design are always shifting and evolving that sometimes it is hard to keep up, but luckily there is an easy guide for you right below!

Open Concept

Wide open spaces seems to be widely utilized in home design in general and allows for people to travel easily throughout one area.  Tearing down the walls in your basement allows for you to create a multi-purpose room easily.  The family area can flow into the game room and then into the home bar smoothly.  For smaller basements, an open concept allows you to maximize your space offering unlimited possibilities.  

Walkout Basement

Perfect for homes built on a slope, a walkout basement only has part of the room submerged underground.  This design allows for more natural night to seep into the room and it can be accessed from the outdoors.  Now after your children play in the backyard they can come and relax in the basement family room easily.  Since it is an interesting design concept, a walkout basement will increase your property value when you are ready to put it on the market.

A Home Gym

A design trend that is being utilized by many homeowners, a home gym allows to workout in the privacy of your basement.  A home gym is perfect for any size basement and you can get your whole family active.  Start small by buying a yoga mat and a couple free weights then eventually expand by purchasing a couple of exercise machines.  


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