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Fall Lawn Care Tips

As the leaves begin to fall and the air gets crisp, it is important to maintain your lawn this autumn season!

Maintaining a beautiful, lush, and healthy lawn is more than just a summer job. Just because your grass might be currently covered with falling leaves doesn’t mean you can retire your duties for the season. Homeowner tips usually include indoor work to prepare your home for the fall, but to see your gorgeous, green lawn return in the spring requires a few more steps from you during the fall season. Check out these fall lawn care tips. 

Keep Cutting

Of all the lawn care tips, people typically only use this one when it’s warm outside. However, your lawn will continue to grow in the fall. This means that you should continue cutting it, but to the appropriate height. Be careful not to let it get too long to the point where it begins to mat, which makes it vulnerable to the growth of fungi. On the opposite end, if you cut it too short, you expose the root system to the cold and make it susceptible to drying out. You can even use those fallen leaves as mulch to enrich your soil. People typically only use this lawn care tip when it’s warm outside. 

Keep Watering

Although it’s getting cool outside, especially in the mornings and evenings, your grass still needs regular watering. This is one of the most overlooked lawn care tips because we often rely on precipitation to water the grass. Also, many people take the coolness as a sign to stop watering, but your lawn still requires enough hydration to the keep the roots healthy as you approach the winter. The best option is to use an irrigation system to ensure that your lawn is receiving the appropriate amount of hydration.

Keep the Soil Loose

In the fall, the soil can become compacted, which limits the amount of water and oxygen able to reach deep down to the roots of your grass. With that in mind, be sure to keep the soil aerated throughout the season. Use a core aerator the break up thatch. This also helps with the absorption of fertilizer, water, and sun light.

Keep Fertilizing

Speaking of fertilizer, your lawn may still need the extra nutrients that fertilizer provides. This is one of the lawn care tips that also helps protect the roots from freezing and helps give the grass more of what it needs to come back healthy and strong in the spring.    

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