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How To Design A Bathroom In Your New Home

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Learn how to design the perfect bathroom.

Building a home from the bottom up can be a strenuous task for anyone, regardless of the square-footage.  You want to make sure that every room in your home can accommodate your entire family comfortably.  When designing your new home, you need to take time planning each bathroom, whether it is a master or a half bath.  Luckily, there are a few simple tips you can follow so that you can design your dream bathroom.

Layout and Dimensions

When it comes to designing a bathroom for your new home, you need to take the layout and dimensions into consideration.  Whether you are designing a half bathroom or a fully-equipped master bathroom, you need to deal with plumbing and pipes. So, you need to decide whether you want a one, two, or three-wall layout, which would determine where the sink, toilet, and shower would line up.  You also need to know a few key measurements for your new bathroom, such as the size of your bathtub/shower and how much space you need for your toilet.

Focus On The Sink

One of the most important elements of any bathroom is the sink, which usually consists of a vanity.  In many bathrooms the sink is the focal point of the space, so you need to take time deciding the height and materials.  The height of your countertops will depend on if your sink is level or raised above the structure. You also need to decide on a countertop material that is both durable and aesthetically pleasing.  Popular countertop materials include marble and granite.

Light It Up

When designing your bathroom, you need to focus on the lighting scheme of the space.  You need a well-balanced combination of task, decorative, and ambient lighting. You want to have the space around your mirror well-lit so that you can see yourself clearly while getting ready in the morning.

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