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Tips for Designing a Basement

Learn how to design the perfect basement.

Whether you need more space for your growing family or you want to create the ultimate man cave, the basement of your home is the perfect spot. You have that whole area just sitting there so you should take advantage of it. Change it out from a dark space that is cluttered with boxes to a home theater, a den, or spacious area for entertaining with a pool table, bar, and fireplace. Here are some basement design tips to consider before you get started.


Check the code

Even though you aren’t technically adding on to your home, it is possible that you will need a permit to finish the basement. Check with your local building and zoning office before you begin. They can advise you regarding any permits you might need.

Dry is good

This is a must-have. Before you begin the basement project, check for any signs of water: that could be standing, dripping, or seeping. Inspect carefully to see if there are any cracks in the foundation walls. Check the slope of the land outside. It should be graded away from the house so that water flows away from the basement.


You will want to install a vapor barrier to reduce any dampness further. Adding wood slats called furring strips creates walls that are square, plus it helps reduce moisture.


Any way you look at it, warmth is good. Install insulation to help keep the basement warm. It will act as a sound barrier plus it will help with moisture control.


Often the most logical choice when remodeling a basement is to install a drop ceiling. It gives you access to electricity and plumbing systems, plus it is easy to install. With new styles and colors, it doesn’t have to look like an office from the 1970s.


Choose recessed lighting, especially if you go with a drop ceiling which is a bit lower than a regular ceiling. These lights are easy to install, and you can arrange them so that the room is well lit, giving you just the ambiance you desire.


You definitely don’t want a cold room. Your best bet is baseboard heat. That way the heat starts at the floor and rises, helping to ensure an even temperature in the room. Plus, there will be no need for space heaters which can be safety hazards.

Basement Designs by Thomas Builders

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