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The Top Kitchen Designs Of 2017

kitchen design trends

Creating the perfect kitchen is easier than ever before!

As the heart of your home and one of the highest traffic places the kitchen is the most important room in your home. If you are looking for a new and fresh remodel but need some new inspiration on what you can do consider these top kitchen designs of 2017.

Classic And Simple

If you are looking to make your kitchen a little more sleek and simplistic there are a few new color palettes people are trying this year. Gray has been steadily moving up the ranks as a peaceful color in its softest form. Gray isn’t as likely to stain as white cabinets and showcases a trendy look while still being simple. The classic black and white palette is also continuing to stay popular. The contrast of black and white is pleasing and the juxtaposition between warmth and cold is pleasing to some.

Bold Colors, Bold Fixtures

People are choosing certain items to “pop” in their kitchen remodel. A popular item for a splash of color this year include sinks in unique colors. Moving away from basic white or stainless steel, choosing another color sink may remind you of the brighter colors of a kitchen in the 60’s and 70’s bringing back a nostalgic feel to even the most modern kitchen. Bold fixtures are another trend in 2017, unique light features like those used in restaurants can add a unique flavor to your kitchen; new cabinetry that is sleeker can create some drama in an otherwise boring kitchen.

Add Automation

Home automation has been up and coming for the past several years. While we may be far away from robots that can cook for us adding automatic sinks, sensor activated lights, smart ovens, and other items are all the rage now. Not only will home automation increase the value of your home but it will make your life easier in the meantime.

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