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How Many Bathrooms Do You Really Need in Your Home?


At Thomas Builders, we are dedicated to making sure you choose the right house for your needs.

A lot of older houses only have one or two bathrooms within a two-story house.  You may find that, while you’re looking for houses to move to, you’re searching for a home with a multitude of bathrooms.  They’re convenient, useful, and atmospheric when placed strategically around the house.  And did you know there are actually different styles of bathrooms?  At Thomas Builders, we are dedicated to making sure you choose the right house for your needs.  If you’re curious how many bathrooms you need compared to the number of residents, read on.

Bathrooms per bedroom


A decent ratio of bathrooms is one per bedroom.  This just ensures that with each resident, you’ll be providing a comfortable chance for them to make their own personalized space.  If you have two children, you could easily have them share a bathroom with two sinks–a design where the bathroom is between the two bedrooms is an excellent choice.  Make sure you leave room for mirrors and storage.  If a bathroom is being shared, you may want to consider a standing shower, as it will be used more frequently and must provide functionality.


Powder rooms


These are for your guests, and must be scattered throughout the areas of the house where you will be entertaining.  First floors should have one, with just a sink and a toilet, so your guests don’t have to wander upstairs to relieve themselves.  There should also be one in a finished basement (although you can choose to put a shower down here, as well) if you can ensure the humidity is controlled and won’t create mildew.  


Master baths


When you have a master bedroom that requires an adjoined master bathroom, it can be a good idea to have a separate room for toilets and sinks.  This is so when you’re relaxing in your tub or spa, you won’t have to be directly next to the toilet.  Consider a large enough bathroom that will house both a tub and a shower; your tub will be much cleaner whenever you decide to take a bath, and you won’t be sitting in the bacteria that coats your shower floor.  Ideally, you should be putting a door between the toilet and the bath.


Read more about appropriate bathroom design here.


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Thomas Builders will provide you with the adequate space to grow and live in your new home.  Your bathrooms will fit your needs exactly, and you won’t want for a remodel or addition.  Thomas Builders is your home builder in St. Mary’s and Calvert Counties in Maryland. With 25 years of experience in new home construction in the area, we’re committed to building you a new home that is of the highest quality while maintaining an affordable price. Our service is unique in that we offer 10 models that are already designed and ready to build. All you have to do is find the model that best fits your needs and let us do the rest! From townhouses to one and two-story homes, we have homes of all sizes that will work for you, your family, and any new homeowner.


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